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Welcome to sloth maffia

The Sloth Maffia are a collection of 10000 NFTs who’s books are open for business on the Polygon Blockchain. Your Sloth/Share will grant you member only benefits such as exclusive SM apparel, previews to each issue of the Sloth Maffia book series prior to each release, play test The Sloth Maffia mobile game and grants each holder access to future events TBA.

Fair distribution

All NFTs are set at the same price of 120 Matic .

Note: 30 Sloths are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, puzzle rewards–and for the creator.


Each sloth is unique and programmatically generated from 81 select features each holding different levels of rarity.

Official Roadmap

We’re in this for the long haul.

We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token, an NFT is a unique piece of digital art stored in the blockchain that you can own, sell or buy!

How can I mint/buy an NFT?

First you must sign into your digital wallet through metamask. Use your browser and connect your wallet to this site then you will be allowed to mint/buy a sloth assuming you have the preferred amount of digital currency 120 Matic.

How many Sloths are there?

There are 10,000 unique Sloths available. Once they are sold out, you will only be able to buy a Sloth Maffia NFT on the secondary market, namely OpenSea, for a higher price.

Are there secondary sale royalties?

Yes, 2.5% of the secondary sales on OpenSea will be deducted in royalties to fund the projects roadmaps, and marketing.

How can I use my Sloth Mafia NFT?

You will own complete copyrights on your NFT, and you will be able to use it as an avatar to flex it on your social media. Holding a Sloth Mafia NFT gives you access to exclusive perks listed in the roadmaps above. You can also resell your Sloth for profit later.

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